Sunstone Mastiffs
Type, temperament, health.
!!!We have PUPPIES on the way
Puppies are due very soon (late August and early September), I am expecting fawns, apricots, fawn brindles and apricot brindles! WOWEE!!!

I am working on puppy application and contracts, so check back often!

* Prices will start at $2500~ for a pup on limited registration (pet pup).

* I require references and a home check.

* I am not likely to sell you a pup on full registration (breeding rights) unless I know you very well and/or you come with raving recommendations.

* Rose is my girl who is due first, this is a dual sired breeding which means I DO NOT KNOW who the daddy is and won't until DNA is back AFTER pups are born, unless pups are brindle, in that case it's a no brainer lol!

* I do NOT accept deposits until pups are 3 weeks old.
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